Shoe factory Meazzo



At the third generation at the top of the company, Rosa and Mario are now involved in the management of the Calzature Meazzo. The founder was their grandfather Mario, who in the early twentieth century went up to the raft at a time Of America looking for luck. After a few years he returned to Italy and began to lay the foundations of what is still the production workshop today. Mario made Italian work experience in some shoe shops in the area and later with his son Gino , He started his own work, producing his first footwear. Strengthened by her father's experience and abilities, Gino managed to introduce the Meazzo shoe throughout Northern Italy and other nations of the world. For a few years Rosa and Mario have opted for the production of a comfortable footwear that is suitable for inserting anatomic and customized footwear. Calzature Meazzo is a handicraft workshop, valued and cared for by using natural materials . All the production is Made in Italy and guaranteed by CE.





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